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Armchair Gallery App: bringing world-class art to over-65s

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The Armchair Gallery App is an exciting new way to enjoy art for over-65s who cannot access art galleries and collections.

Innovative digital technology will support older people, including those living with dementia, to experience world-class artworks – and produce their own.

All too often older people face barriers to enjoying the art. They might not be able to physically get to art galleries, or enjoy the experience because of their individual needs.

Similar barriers exist to accessing digital technology. Health professionals can lack the skills and resources to help people get online, while digital media is often seen as being solely for younger people.

Sadly, both factors can mean choice and opportunities disappear in old age, leading to isolation and loneliness.

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The Armchair Gallery App has been created to connect older people with both digital technology and art. It’s designed to be used in safe and supportive settings like care homes and memory cafes [spaces for people with dementia and their loved ones], bringing the world’s best art direct to mobile devices.

Funding from Nominet Trust will support Armchair Gallery to launch the app in cities throughout the UK. It will help create bespoke ‘virtual tours’ around leading arts venues, develop practical workshops to inspire older people with in-built dementia-friendly functions.

Armchair Gallery are committed to co-designing the app with older people too, giving them the opportunity to shape the way they access life-changing art.

City Arts has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.