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iKnowHow: building a wiki for the voluntary sector (part sixteen) What does Wikipedia think of iKnowHow?

A few weeks ago a colleague of mine at Wikimedia UK drew my attention to the iKnowHow wiki and I thought it was a great idea. I invited the KnowHow team to our offices for a cup of coffee and we discussed the project in a bit more detail. It reinforced to me why the project could be so valuable to the not-for-profit sector.

iKnowHow: building a wiki for the voluntary sector (part fifteen) Our meeting with Wikimedia

This week has been an exciting one for us lot at iKnowhow, as we met up for a chat with the guys (and girl!) at Wikimedia Foundation UK. This is the UK 'chapter' of the organisation responsible for Wikipedia.

It was great to get their expert insight into wiki development, and hear all about the amazing work they have been doing around the UK. This includes the world's first Wikipedia town in Monmouth, South East Wales - see Monmouthpedia.

iKnowHow: building a wiki for the voluntary sector (part fourteen) Academics and wiki's

After last week's blog you can see that not all of our contributions to iKnowHow have been, well...useful. Spamming of wiki's like Wikipedia have unfortunately been one of the biggest deterrents for experts (academics, professionals or enthusiasts) in contributing their knowledge. The fact that there aren't more academics embracing our largest online encylopedia has undoubtedly been a hot topic for 'wikipedians' given what the impact that their expert knowledge would have for the online encyclopedia.

iKnowHow: building a wiki for the voluntary sector (part thirteen) Contributions

I came across a rather telling statistic this week; that the median number of contributors for the 9000+ public wikis that use the same software as Wikipedia is 7 (Kittur & Kraut, unpublished data). Doesn't sound promising does it? But this is good news for us, as that means we have beaten the curve; with over seven contributors in our first week.

iKnowHow: building a wiki for the voluntary sector (part twelve) The purpose behind the persuasion

Last week David Wilcox commented on the 11th blog post rightly saying 'I agree with the analysis. But do you want to continue with idea of *persuasion* when the theme is now relationships and network building?'.

iKnowHow: building a wiki for the voluntary sector (part eleven) Taking another look at persuasive communications

Thanks to everyone who commented on our last iKnowHow blog about persuasive communications via the site and our LinkedIn group. It’s clearly an important topic for us all. Madeleine has promised to start a how-to guide based on what we have learnt so far so there can be a permanent place where you can share your ideas.

In the meantime we wanted to share with you what we have learnt since last week.