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Innovation: why disruption is an important option

I’ve just finished reading a really well written article by Nick Temple, entitled ‘Innovation: why disruption isn’t the only option’.  It’s a good piece that I’d urge you to read as it begins to set out an important narrative for how we might find solutions to many of the social challenges we’re currently facing.

Practical uses of the Triple Helix

How do you best support social tech entrepreneurs to build viable ventures that can make a positive difference in people's lives? This blog post shares a brief overview of one way in which we aim to do just that.

You only like (me) when you're happy

This weekend’s news story about Facebook’s mass psychological testing ‘emotional contagion’ left me in something of an emotional flux.

CitSocSci - mass participation in addressing big social problems

Last week was the Citizen Cyber Summit #ccs in London a fascinating gathering of people interested in, design and running citizen science activities. From the open session it reinforced how exciting our own exploration of citizen science is, and more importantly, the potential for finding new ways of addressing some persistent social challenges. That may sound overly optimistic, perhaps even a little naive, but as James Borrell highlighted in his opening speech, these are important characteristics of starting out a citizen science based enquiry.