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Do, Think and Share: inspiring older people to re-think retirement

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64 Million Artists is a national campaign dedicated to inspiring people in the UK to unlock their creativity. And now, through a close partnership with Leicester Aging Together, they’re ensuring older people enjoy the benefits of everyday creativity too.

For some older people, retirement is a story of decline. This project aims to change that by re-imagining it as an opportunity for personal growth and positivity.

The “Do, Think and Share” process uses digital prompts inviting older people to take on creative challenges. They could be anything from writing a poem about Mondays, to making a sculpture out of what’s in the room, to drawing the view from their window. The tasks are designed to be completed without any support from an artist or professional, giving older people complete control over what they create.

“It’s lovely to feel part of a community with a common purpose.”
– Do, Think, Share participant

In the next stage, they share their thoughts and feelings about the task in small groups using digital tools. This not only helps overcome social isolation, but provides experiences that can inspire older people to connect with their families, and each other.

Nominet Trust is funding this exciting project to grow nationally through a network of community partners, and residential care homes.

By reconnecting more people with their creativity, Do, Think and Share can inspire the older generation to re-think retirement.

64 Million Artists has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.