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Building scalable and sustainable investments

We place a high value on sustainable and scalable projects that have the potential to make a significant difference to the greatest number of people. We recognise that a mix of approaches is required within each of our programmes to create maximum impact.

Often, success lies in the strength of our partnerships. We work closely with foundations, NGOs, investors and commercial organisations across the UK to extend the reach and impact of our social investments.

Nominet Trust’s partnership with Creative England is just one example of the collaborations we have made with organisations over recent years to support the delivery of programmes and projects that create positive social change through the application of digital technologies, from improving digital skills in young people to enhancing, and creating, healthcare services.

West Midlands Interactive Healthcare Fund

In 2014, Nominet Trust partnered with Creative England to launch the West Midlands Interactive Healthcare Fund, the first of four programmes in a new £1million fund for regional based SMEs, designed to stimulate creative and digital innovation in UK healthcare.

The West Midlands Interactive Healthcare Fund offers five £50,000 investments to support projects that focus on improving quality of care; caring for people with dementia; supporting people with long-term conditions; and data visualisation.

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