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Encouraging digital participation

We believe that young people should be creators of technology rather than just consumers. If young people are to successfully participate in society then it is important that we give them the confidence and competence to use digital technologies safely and effectively.

At Nominet Trust we're supporting organisations and initiatives that help young people to develop their understanding of technology, and the digital and entrepreneurial skills needed to help them succeed in a rapidly developing digital world.
New Computing Curriculum Is Not a Panacea for Necessary Digital Skills

10 October 2014: A new report released today from Nominet Trust has found that parents, teachers and business leaders should not rely on the new computing curriculum alone to deliver the skills young people will require when they enter the future workplace. Find out more

Mapping learner progression into digital creativity - catalysts and disconnects

Our latest State of the Art Review, written for Nominet Trust by Julian Sefton-Green and Lucy Brown, seeks to understand how young people learn and develop as digital makers with a particular view on employability. Understanding this progression is vital if we are to effectively support young people to develop as digital makers. Download the State of the Art Review here.


Encouraging young people to develop digital skills, in partnership

The Duke of York, in partnership with Nominet  Trust have launched iDEA - the inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, a new award programme that supports young people to gain critical digital, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills.
The Make Things Do Stuff campaign was launched by Nominet Trust, Nesta and Mozilla, in 2012 to promote digital making to young people across the UK and give them the drive, confidence and know-how to make new technology.

Bafta Young Games Designers Logo

Nominet Trust is proud to be supporting the 2015 BAFTA Young Games Designer Competition, a gaming initiative for 10-18 year olds that aims to help young people turn their gaming idea into a reality.  The competition is now open for entries.

Digital skills ventures we fund

Code Club is a web teaching network that offers kids between 9 and 11 the chance to explore computers in a creative and inspiring environment, at after-school clubs across the UK.

Apps for Good is a practical programme that encourages young people to work together and tackle social problems using digital technology by building a mobile, web or social app to solve them.

Badge The UK is a new initiative that will enable young people to demonstrate their skills and talents to potential employers, alongside formal qualifications, using Mozilla Open Badges.

Discover more digital skills ventures funded by Nominet Trust