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Our projects

ALICE logo

ALICE: restoring trust in charities

ALICE combines social impact investment and blockchain technology to bring a new kind of transparency and trust to the charity sector. more >

Joined Up Philanthropy

Through a series of short ‘research sprints’ the Joined Up Philanthropy project is exploring the data collected, published and demanded on funding flows by UK philanthropists, charities and voluntary associations – with the aim of drafting standards for open data on philanthropy. more >
Inspiring Impact logo

A barometer for social good

A new programme led by New Philanthropy Capital aims to embed an impact-focused approach across charities and social enterprises so they can manage, increase and communicate their social impact. more >
Data Unity

Opening up access

Data Unity is an open source web tool to inspire and to help more organisations in the voluntary sector to use data. more >
The Global Value Exchange

The Global Value Exchange - Understanding impacts

The Global Value Exchange seeks to change this using the principles of Wikipedia. It is a new open-source database website of ‘Values, Indicators, Outcomes and Stakeholders’ for organisations working to promote social change. more >

Online conversations

Voice technology for the internet to help visually impaired people access online information and services more >

Rewired Reality - enabling IT expertise

Lack of funding and talent are huge brakes on how boldly charities use digital to tackle social problems. more >
Association of Charitable Foundations

Shared experiences

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) is piloting and developing a knowledge sharing website, open to all funders to share best practice. more >

Mobile life support

TheSite.org, run by YouthNet, is the UK’s first exclusively online charity, which works to guide and support young people, enabling them to make informed choices, participate in society and achieve their ambitions. more >

A platform for success

New open platform technology enables designers to do their bit to further boost the fundraising efforts of charities across the UK. more >