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Our projects

Mapmyhealth logo

Mapmyhealth: digital tools to manage diabetes

Nominet Trust is funding Mapmyhealth to develop a prototype and set up the thorough clinical testing it needs to help more people live well with diabetes. more >
Tiny Medical Apps logo

Learnable: putting teens in control of their asthma

Tiny Medical Apps is working to save lives by taking essential asthma information off the page and onto young people’s smartphones. more >
Corporation Pop

Patient’s Virtual Guide: a safe space to explore hospital

Driven by her experiences, Dom’s company Corporation Pop are creating Patient’s Virtual Guide, an innovative mobile app that explores exactly what happens during a hospital visit through a series of fun and stimulating game-like experiences. more >
media co-op logo

Helping stalking survivors get justice

One of the biggest barriers to getting justice is logging the right evidence. Police need a record of incidents that can be hard to pull together in one place. media co-op is developing a smartphone app to help tackle this. more >
Open Bionics logo

Open Bionics: 3D-printing cheaper, better prosthetics

Open Bionics has a fresh solution to support amputees. Using the latest 3D body scanning and printing technology they’re ready to create bionic hands that are lightweight, take five days to fit and cost just £2,000. more >
Troo Life Coach logo

Troo Life Coach: helping teenagers develop a healthy mindset

Problems at school, fights with friends, worries about weight – there’s a lot that might be stressing out today’s teenagers. Solutions tend to focus on just one part of the problem, but now a new app called Troo Life Coach is harnessing a host of innovative technology to help teenagers make the right choices for a healthier, happier future. more >
Emteq logo

MIRROR: providing a fresh perspective on facial paralysis

MIRROR harnesses the same smart technology used in films and games to measure facial movements. Clinicians can track this data remotely and so see what treatment is working, or when to consider alternatives. Getting this right early on gives patients a greater chance of rehabilitation. more >
The JAM Platform logo

The JAM Platform: making services accessible to everyone

NOW Group’s JAM smartphone app gives people who have additional needs or learning disabilities a discreet way to signal that they need extra time to access services. When they pay at a shop, or get on a bus, they can flash the app to show they have specific needs. more >
Marmo Health logo

MyOwnTeam: connecting people with a chronic medical condition

MyOwnTeam uses an innovative algorithm to connect users with an ultra-personalised peer group who are all going through the same thing. They can instantly share their challenges and solutions through in-app chat, without having to attend a face-to-face session or seek out support groups online. more >
ALICE logo

ALICE: restoring trust in charities

ALICE combines social impact investment and blockchain technology to bring a new kind of transparency and trust to the charity sector. more >