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Our projects


Teaching good practice

An online safety initiative from PICTFOR is using engaging lesson plans to educate primary school pupils how to discover all the joys of the internet without danger more >
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Harmful effects?

A new study by Dr. Emma Bond at University Campus Suffolk, looks at the risks presented by an increasing number of pro-anorexia websites and online communities more >
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Just ASK

The 'Deaf Children and Young People – just ASK' project will develop strategies for working with vulnerable deaf young people to enhance their knowledge and understanding about a range of internet safety issues. more >
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Is this the truth?

Digital Disruption aims to improve young people’s digital judgement by combining traditional critical thinking skills with ‘new’ knowledge about how the digital world works, such as understanding search engines and YouTube. more >
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Beat the Cyber Bully

Beat the Cyber Bully is a project designed to encourage to record video diaries voicing life issues and pressures in relation to cyber bulling and the misuse of the internet. more >
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Family online safety - A global study

The FOSI Global State of Family Online Safety Report will provide, for the first time, a comprehensive and comparative overview of how countries are progressing in the field of family online safety. more >
Safer social media

Safer social media

DigitalME launches the SAFE project to help educate young children about the importance of using social networking sites safely... more >