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Our projects

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Historypin: Sharing local history, digitally

Historypin is a platform and suite of tools to build social capital and digital skills in older generations across the UK – using history as the hook. more >

The Internet in Britain

With continued funding from Nominet Trust, the latest phase of the Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) continues to help us understand Britain's use of the web. more >
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Giving communities a voice

Seven communities have been awarded £500 as part of Community Voices, a one-year UK-wide project delivered by Media Trust and funded by Nominet Trust. more >
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Just ASK

The 'Deaf Children and Young People – just ASK' project will develop strategies for working with vulnerable deaf young people to enhance their knowledge and understanding about a range of internet safety issues. more >
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Lapsed use of the internet amongst young people in the UK

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) is to undertake a qualitative study to gain an in-depth understanding of the role that the internet and other new technologies plays (or doesn’t play) in the everyday lives of young people. more >
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Add a friend

Electroville aims to support the development of social media networks for organisations working with local groups in deprived areas, with a view to empowering communities and giving them a voice. more >
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TTS aim to reach a broad range of disadvantaged individuals and communities, who have little or no knowledge and the internet and computers. more >
The logo for the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA)

The Big Society Broadband project

The Big Society Broadband project aims to speed up the roll out of next generation broadband for all. more >
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An eye on accessing the internet

The Rix Centre, is working on a project to develop ‘head and eye tracking technology’ to enable people with disabilities who have difficulty using conventional keyboard and mouse access to computers, to go on-line and benefit from the opportunities that digital technologies can provide. more >
Action on Hearing Loss logo

Sign of progress

An online training programme from Action on Hearing Loss aims to help increase access to language support for the deaf community... more >