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Our projects

Offline education for society's most vulnerable

Education remains one of the most powerful levers we have to improve people's lives. However, some of society's most vulnerable groups – offenders, servicemen, young people excluded from school, or apprentices – lack both educational qualifications but also access to the internet – which means they are barred from the newest technological routes to develop literacy and numeracy. more >

Making online learning more universal with Benkyo Player

Although MOOCs (Massively Online Open Courses) have sparked a huge growth in the video and online learning sector, take-up to date has been skewed towards the tech-savvy and educated: Benkyo Player aims to open up online learning to less advantaged groups. more >
Commonplace Digital

Opening-up community planning with Commonplace

Commonplace is a mobile and web tool to make it easier for communities, especially those from hard-to-reach groups, to influence local planning decisions. more >

Active Alerter app - helping older people stay independent longer

Active Alerter is an activity sensor to help older people live independently and avoid being forced into costly full-time care for as long as possible. more >
Speakset logo

SpeakSet - Video calling for the over-65s

Social isolation is at epidemic levels among over 65s in the UK, with more than 3 million older people going more than a week without seeing a friend or family member – and more than a million going more than a month. more >
Superflux logo

Tackling global challenges with the Internet-of-Things

The world is expected to have 50 billion connected devices by 2020. These devices yield huge amounts of data with which to reveal and tackle challenges from climate change and transport, to education and ageing. more >
Playlab logo

Flowy - A smartphone game to reduce anxiety

3 million people in the UK have an anxiety disorder and anxiety and depression causes 40% of disability worldwide. However, just 15% of those with mixed anxiety and depression – the most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder – are receiving treatment. more >
Open Utility logo

Open Utility: a new energy marketplace

Open Utility is trialling Piclo, the UK’s first online market for renewable energy. more >
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A mobile app to combat agoraphobia

Agoraphobia, with or without panic disorder, affects an estimated 3-6% of the UK population, or around 3 million people. Agoraphobia Free is a new way to tackle it using virtual therapeutic tools. more >

An app for a national audit of road safety

Fit for Cycling is a landmark audit of UK cycling and transport, using user-generated data, to improve UK road safety. more >