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Our projects

Neurofenix logo

Revolutionising rehabilitation after a stroke

The Gameball Platform from Neurofenix is an innovative approach that’s set to revolutionise rehabilitation. Taking inspiration from the world of computer games, it aims to make physiotherapy more affordable and enjoyable for everyone. more >
Mapmyhealth logo

Mapmyhealth: digital tools to manage diabetes

Nominet Trust is funding Mapmyhealth to develop a prototype and set up the thorough clinical testing it needs to help more people live well with diabetes. more >
Tiny Medical Apps logo

Learnable: putting teens in control of their asthma

Tiny Medical Apps is working to save lives by taking essential asthma information off the page and onto young people’s smartphones. more >
TapSOS logo

TapSOS: saving lives with smarter emergency calls

TapSOS harnesses users’ smartphones to store medical history and personal information. With just a couple of swipes it instantly shares this data with the emergency services, along with exact GPS co-ordinates to ensure a swift response. In domestic abuse cases, or even terrorist attacks, it offers a fast and discreet way to inform police exactly what’s happening. more >
Corporation Pop

Patient’s Virtual Guide: a safe space to explore hospital

Driven by her experiences, Dom’s company Corporation Pop are creating Patient’s Virtual Guide, an innovative mobile app that explores exactly what happens during a hospital visit through a series of fun and stimulating game-like experiences. more >
media co-op logo

Helping stalking survivors get justice

One of the biggest barriers to getting justice is logging the right evidence. Police need a record of incidents that can be hard to pull together in one place. media co-op is developing a smartphone app to help tackle this. more >

Just: Transcription: building a fairer justice system

Just: Transcription harnesses the latest advances in speech-to-text technology, combined with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence expertise. It doesn’t just produce word-perfect transcriptions. By gathering and analysing data from each trial it can offer new insight into what’s happening in today’s courts, to aid transparency and inspire improvement. more >
Open Bionics logo

Open Bionics: 3D-printing cheaper, better prosthetics

Open Bionics has a fresh solution to support amputees. Using the latest 3D body scanning and printing technology they’re ready to create bionic hands that are lightweight, take five days to fit and cost just £2,000. more >
Night Zookeeper logo

Night Zookeeper: harnessing dyslexic children’s creativity

Wonky Star’s Night Zookeeper is an educational online platform that inspires children to be creative through writing. By interacting with an exciting and unique world filled with magical creatures and evil monsters, Night Zookeeper encourages nervous students to express themselves, and supports everyone to develop their best writing. more >
Oxford Computer Consultants logo

Ami: an innovative tool to tackle loneliness

Ami, from Oxford Computer Consultants, is an innovative new online matching platform providing a simple way for these two groups to connect, and combat loneliness in local communities. more >