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Our projects

ALICE logo

ALICE: restoring trust in charities

ALICE combines social impact investment and blockchain technology to bring a new kind of transparency and trust to the charity sector. more >
BuSK logo

BuSK: an app for street performers

The Busking Project protects the threatened livelihoods of buskers by helping them move into the digital society of contactless, cashless payments, with virtual, mobile-enabled donations, music sales and online audiences. more >

Joined Up Philanthropy

Through a series of short ‘research sprints’ the Joined Up Philanthropy project is exploring the data collected, published and demanded on funding flows by UK philanthropists, charities and voluntary associations – with the aim of drafting standards for open data on philanthropy. more >
HACT logo

Maximising social benefits with sector-wide Big Data analysis

HACT, (the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust) is gunning for a step change in social housing’s use of data by launching the Housing Big Data project, creating the largest-ever housing dataset. more >
Data Unity

Opening up access

Data Unity is an open source web tool to inspire and to help more organisations in the voluntary sector to use data. more >
Association of Charitable Foundations

Shared experiences

The Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) is piloting and developing a knowledge sharing website, open to all funders to share best practice. more >