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Our projects

City Arts logo

Armchair Gallery App: bringing world-class art to over-65s

The Armchair Gallery App is an exciting new way to enjoy art for over-65s who cannot access art galleries. more >
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Creating a difference through communal making

Digital Makers is a pioneering creative arts programme that will use digital design technology to bring older people together in North Belfast to make new friends and expand their existing skills. more >
Moving Memory logo

Digital Doris: giving older people the chance to dance

The Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company developed Digital Doris to overcome the challenges older people face during movement-based workshops held in residential care homes and day care centres. These included physical limitations, like short-term memory loss and mobility problems, plus the venues’ limited space. more >
Ladder to the Moon logo

Changing older people’s lives through interactive drama

Ladder to the Moon is creating an online platform designed to train carers in interactive drama techniques, so more of the 250,000 people living with dementia in UK care homes can benefit from this effective approach. more >
Troo Life Coach logo

Troo Life Coach: helping teenagers develop a healthy mindset

Problems at school, fights with friends, worries about weight – there’s a lot that might be stressing out today’s teenagers. Solutions tend to focus on just one part of the problem, but now a new app called Troo Life Coach is harnessing a host of innovative technology to help teenagers make the right choices for a healthier, happier future. more >
The JAM Platform logo

The JAM Platform: making services accessible to everyone

NOW Group’s JAM smartphone app gives people who have additional needs or learning disabilities a discreet way to signal that they need extra time to access services. When they pay at a shop, or get on a bus, they can flash the app to show they have specific needs. more >
Visual Assistant logo

Visual Assistant: tech-enhanced sight for visually-impaired people

Visual Assistant is exciting new software that enables people to do just that, allowing users to tweak colours and highlight contours to make the real world appear clearer. more >
GiveVision logo

GiveVision: providing a new vision for blind and partially-sighted people

Too many of the more than 2m people living with sight loss in the UK are excluded from society. Research shows that two-thirds are out of work, and the vast majority have to rely on carers to help them in their everyday lives. more >
Konnektis logo

Konnektis: better connecting carers to support older people

Konnektis have created an innovative alternative to pen and paper: a secure digital platform accessed through dedicated tablets in an older person’s home. more >

Games for Life: helping offenders focus on a brighter future

Games for Life has developed a clever technology-driven solution to help break this cycle of prison and unemployment with attention training software which helps offenders develop their focus, hone concentration, and build positive behaviour. more >