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Our projects

Night Zookeeper logo

Night Zookeeper: harnessing dyslexic children’s creativity

Wonky Star’s Night Zookeeper is an educational online platform that inspires children to be creative through writing. By interacting with an exciting and unique world filled with magical creatures and evil monsters, Night Zookeeper encourages nervous students to express themselves, and supports everyone to develop their best writing. more >

Games for Life: helping offenders focus on a brighter future

Games for Life has developed a clever technology-driven solution to help break this cycle of prison and unemployment with attention training software which helps offenders develop their focus, hone concentration, and build positive behaviour. more >
Playlingo logo

Playlingo: developing English skills, transforming lives.

Playlingo is developing a fun new mobile game with the potential to boost the basic language skills of the one million migrants in the UK who understand little or no English. more >
OpenUpMusic logo

OpenUp Music: giving more young people with disabilities access to instruments

OpenUp Music’s Open Musical Instrument (OMI) has been co-designed with disabled children and young people, harnessing technology to help them express themselves independently through music. more >
Edukit logo

A ‘Trip Advisor’ and matching service, for youth programmes

Edukit is a referrals platform to match disadvantaged young people with personal development programmes that meet their needs. more >
I Can Make logo

I Can Make – classroom content for 3D printers

3D printers will transform how, where, and what we manufacture in the future, and many schools and parents are starting to invest in the hardware so children can acquaint themselves with this vital future tech – but the machines can be intimidating to grown ups, who don't know where to start. more >
Future First logo

Tackling intergenerational disadvantage

Future First supports state schools to establish 'alumni networks' – so young people from less advantaged backgrounds gain role models they can relate to and who might be able to help them build their careers. more >
Code Club logo

Aiming to get a quarter of UK primary schools coding

After-school web teaching network Code Club wants to expand from 1400 to 5,000 branches over the next two years, to offer volunteer-led free coding classes to a quarter of UK primary schools. more >

Making online learning more universal with Benkyo Player

Although MOOCs (Massively Online Open Courses) have sparked a huge growth in the video and online learning sector, take-up to date has been skewed towards the tech-savvy and educated: Benkyo Player aims to open up online learning to less advantaged groups. more >
Transformation Trust logo

Giving children the best possible start

The Transformation Trust works with 800 state secondary schools in the areas of highest deprivation in the UK. more >