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Our projects

Games for Life: helping offenders focus on a brighter future

Games for Life has developed a clever technology-driven solution to help break this cycle of prison and unemployment with attention training software which helps offenders develop their focus, hone concentration, and build positive behaviour. more >
Edukit logo

A ‘Trip Advisor’ and matching service, for youth programmes

Edukit is a referrals platform to match disadvantaged young people with personal development programmes that meet their needs. more >
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Tackling intergenerational disadvantage

Future First supports state schools to establish 'alumni networks' – so young people from less advantaged backgrounds gain role models they can relate to and who might be able to help them build their careers. more >
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Bulbshare: switching young people onto co-creation

Bulbshare is a crowdsourcing and co-creation platform to boost young people's civic engagement, and connect organisations with youth talent and insight. more >

Transition Force: A LinkedIn for ex-service personnel

Transition Force is a new social enterprise and digital platform developed with and for ex-servicemen and women to help veterans at any stage of their career build networks of peer support, ask for expert advice, and gain access to exclusive employment to help them make the leap successfully. more >

Rewarding word-of-mouth recruitment

The Crowd Works wants to reinvent recruitment: driving down employers' costs, who get to post jobs for free, but incentivise more of those vital word-of-mouth job referrals by splitting recruitment fees, once the post has been filled, between the referrer, the candidate and employability charities. more >

Creating and measuring change in the community

Young Advisors is a national network of 1,300 young community consultants who connect with decision makers to help them better understand what young people think, need feel and want from services. more >

Specialisterne - A work agency to find 1 million ASD people skilled work

People with autism spectrum disorders have unique talents particularly suited to the IT marketplace but, in the UK, these skills currently go untapped. more >
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Redefining retirement with Trading Times

Trading Times is a new national jobs service that connects people furthest from the jobs market – including the over 50’s, carers and single parents – with local businesses and employers. more >
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Giving children the best possible start

The Transformation Trust works with 800 state secondary schools in the areas of highest deprivation in the UK. more >