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Our projects

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TapSOS: saving lives with smarter emergency calls

TapSOS harnesses users’ smartphones to store medical history and personal information. With just a couple of swipes it instantly shares this data with the emergency services, along with exact GPS co-ordinates to ensure a swift response. In domestic abuse cases, or even terrorist attacks, it offers a fast and discreet way to inform police exactly what’s happening. more >
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Helping stalking survivors get justice

One of the biggest barriers to getting justice is logging the right evidence. Police need a record of incidents that can be hard to pull together in one place. media co-op is developing a smartphone app to help tackle this. more >
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Troo Life Coach: helping teenagers develop a healthy mindset

Problems at school, fights with friends, worries about weight – there’s a lot that might be stressing out today’s teenagers. Solutions tend to focus on just one part of the problem, but now a new app called Troo Life Coach is harnessing a host of innovative technology to help teenagers make the right choices for a healthier, happier future. more >
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ALICE: restoring trust in charities

ALICE combines social impact investment and blockchain technology to bring a new kind of transparency and trust to the charity sector. more >
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Safetynets - a digital peer safety network

Safetynets aims to improve the safety of sex workers through mobile technology allowing them to share time-critical safety alerts with others nearby, to report suspicious behaviour or raise the alarm of an attack. more >

YouthNet addressing the Hidden Homeless

Every year, 80,000 young people in the UK experience homelessness. But there are many more ‘hidden homeless’ individuals, who don’t recognise themselves as vulnerable because they ‘sofa surf’ or stay in hostels. These young people are particularly hard to reach out to. more >
The Winch

Promise of a brighter future

The Winchester Project launches an anti-poverty initiative in the London Borough of Camden - creating a suite of digital resources to enable professional service providers to better support children and young people more >
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Neighbours Can Help

Neighbours Can Help engages older people and encourages them to gather together online to ask for or offer each other help. more >
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A project which aims to give new skills and confidence to those who have suffered from domestic violence has flourished, thanks to a Community Outreach Grant from UK online centres and Nominet Trust. more >
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Online and on the record

A new programme from the Cornwall Learning Education Business Partnership aims to show young people how considering their digital footprint can enhance future career prospects and how new technologies work in business more >