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Historypin: Sharing local history, digitally

Historypin is a platform and suite of tools to build social capital and digital skills in older generations across the UK – using history as the hook. more >
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Valence Library

With many of Barking and Dagenham’s population housebound, the Community Outreach Fund from Nominet Trust and UK online centres has led to an innovative new project to reach isolated residents. more >
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Tropical Spice

Tropical Spice, an Indian Restaurant in the heart of Stourbridge, is helping members of the community get online for the first time somewhere they might not expect. more >
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A project which aims to give new skills and confidence to those who have suffered from domestic violence has flourished, thanks to a Community Outreach Grant from UK online centres and Nominet Trust. more >
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Freshwinds IT

Tasha and Deb’s Cafe, based in The Fold, Kings Norton, has been transformed into a venue where people can get online thanks to the Community Outreach Fund - as well as functioning as a central point for the community to come together. more >
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With funding from the Community Outreach fund The local Credit Union in Kirby has partnered up with the Department for Work and Pensions to run a pilot, developing new products to introduce the town’s residents to a more formal banking model. more >
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Harmful effects?

A new study by Dr. Emma Bond at University Campus Suffolk, looks at the risks presented by an increasing number of pro-anorexia websites and online communities more >
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Getting out and about

Building on the success of its Thunder software, Screenreader.net are now embarking on a suite of smartphone apps that enable blind people to use public transport in a safer and more confident way. more >

A platform for success

New open platform technology enables designers to do their bit to further boost the fundraising efforts of charities across the UK. more >
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Celebrating new skills

A new project from Talk About Local sets out to show local communities the fun they can have using new technologies to enhance traditional celebrations more >