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Our projects

Musemantik logo

Self-help mood music app

Available to anyone with a smartphone, Soulight is a music mobile app with a very serious purpose - to boost emotional wellbeing, prevent anxiety and stress, and alleviate depression through personalised music therapy that establishes positive emotions. more >
Edukit logo

A ‘Trip Advisor’ and matching service, for youth programmes

Edukit is a referrals platform to match disadvantaged young people with personal development programmes that meet their needs. more >
I Can Make logo

I Can Make – classroom content for 3D printers

3D printers will transform how, where, and what we manufacture in the future, and many schools and parents are starting to invest in the hardware so children can acquaint themselves with this vital future tech – but the machines can be intimidating to grown ups, who don't know where to start. more >
Memrica Prompt logo

Memory-aid app for people in the early stages of dementia

Memrica Prompt is an app to help people with memory loss. Users build up a personal library that links information with photographs of people or objects that they can retrieve when they view that person or item through the lens of any smartphone or tablet camera. more >
Future First logo

Tackling intergenerational disadvantage

Future First supports state schools to establish 'alumni networks' – so young people from less advantaged backgrounds gain role models they can relate to and who might be able to help them build their careers. more >
Bulbshare logo

Bulbshare: switching young people onto co-creation

Bulbshare is a crowdsourcing and co-creation platform to boost young people's civic engagement, and connect organisations with youth talent and insight. more >

The rights revolution finally reaches the events sector

The Open Access Project is a 24/7 multichannel ticketing service which will open up the UK’s huge live events scene to disabled people. more >

Gaming to give young people a democratic voice

Political Minecraft is an educational tool that harnesses Minecraft, the hugely successful games platform which has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide, to get more young people engaged in local government. more >
Shift.ms logo

Near-peer support for those diagnosed with MS

Ms and Me is a tool to support people who have recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MSers). more >
HomeTouch logo

Improving independent living and carer support

HomeTouch is developing a trusted third-party services marketplace that will integrate with its award-winning homecare tool. more >