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Our projects

Limitless Travel logo

Limitless Travel: unlocking travel for disabled people

Limitless Travel is a new online platform which aims to make it much easier for disabled travellers to search and compare accommodation that suits them. It offers the ease-of-use of a TripAdvisor-style site, plus disability-friendly city guides, attraction listings and community advice designed to bring each location to life for disabled people, their partners, relatives and carers. more >
CafeDirect Producers' Foundation logo

Digital Farm: putting power back in farmers’ hands

Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation’s Digital Farm is a project that puts power back into these farmers’ hands by giving communities accessible tools for collecting and analysing their own data. more >
Skills Route logo

Skills Route: helping young people make better-informed choices for post-16 education

Skills Route is an innovative online careers and education portal that gives young people the knowledge they need at the touch of a button. more >
MakerClub logo

Providing disadvantaged children with digital skills

To win the jobs of the future, young people need to develop the digital skills that employers demand right now. Digital Families aims to provide disadvantaged children with those skills. more >
PulseGuard logo

Peace of mind for people with epilepsy and their families

The Pulseguard Pro is an innovative monitoring system designed to protect the 50 million people with epilepsy around the world at risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). more >
Millie Magnitude

Teaching children with Down's Syndrome basic number skills

Millie Moreorless is an innovative iPad game which aims to boost children with Down Syndrome’s basic number skills, to help them become more independent as adults. more >
OpenUpMusic logo

OpenUp Music: giving more young people with disabilities access to instruments

OpenUp Music’s Open Musical Instrument (OMI) has been co-designed with disabled children and young people, harnessing technology to help them express themselves independently through music. more >
Andiamo logo

Andiamo: revolutionising orthotics

Andiamo is one of the first organisations to introduce modern 3D body scanning and 3D printing techniques to orthotics, the branch of medicine dedicated to the correction or support of the body with braces or splints. more >
BuSK logo

BuSK: an app for street performers

The Busking Project protects the threatened livelihoods of buskers by helping them move into the digital society of contactless, cashless payments, with virtual, mobile-enabled donations, music sales and online audiences. more >
Illuminatis logo

Tell the Doctor: Patient/doctor support system for allergies

Tell the Doctor is a digital record-keeping app in which allergy sufferers and their carers can record accurate information about their allergic reactions. more >