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Past partnerships

Nominet Trust strives to support sustainable and scalable projects that have the potential to make a significant positive difference to the greatest number of people possible.

Since our inception in 2008, we have partnered with a variety of foundations, NGOs, investors and commercial organisations across the UK to extend the reach and impact of our social investments.

All of our partnerships aim to support the delivery of a programme, project or competition that harnesses the power of digital technology to create positive social change, from helping to develop digital skills in young people, to supporting tech entrepreneurs in creating products and services that improve the lives of others.

In 2012, Nominet Trust collaborated with Nesta and Mozilla to create Make Things Do Stuff – an example of our aim to promote digital skills to young people across the UK and nurture the digital makers of the future.

Make Things Do Stuff

Make Things Do Stuff is a platform which brings together a collection of resources to enable young people to become digital makers. The site includes advice, support and tools to help young people who want to code a website, create a game or even build a 3D robot.

Working with partners from across the sector, including, O2 Think Big, Apps for Good, Coding Club grassroot groups, educators and many more, the campaign aimed to lead a mission to inspire the next generation of young people to make the shift from consuming digital technologies, to making and building their very own.

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