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Who can apply

The majority of ventures we invest in are UK-based.  However, overseas applications will be considered if they align with our programmes of investment and can clearly demonstrate how they will address social challenges faced in the UK.

We will consider applications from entrepreneurs, teams, start-ups or organisations who want to apply their talent and technology to address UK social issues.

If you are an individual, you can apply for funding - but, if you are successful, you will be required to form a registered legal entity before you can receive your first payment.

Nominet Trust is a registered charity and provides grants to organisations explicitly for public benefit and the creation of social value. As part of the grant application process, you should be able to satisfy the Trust of how your organisation and project demonstrate your social purpose and the delivery of social value on an on-going basis.

We also advise having a vesting agreement in place where there is more than one founder involved in your organisation.  The vesting agreement or founders’ agreement is important when getting a new venture off the ground as it shows a clear agreement amongst the founders around key issues that are critical in safeguarding the future viability of the venture, as well as being important when raising further investment. If you require any further information about this, please contact enquiries@nominettrust.org.uk

There are a few types of organisations that we cannot fund. If you represent a political party or a political lobbying group, please do not apply.

What we don't support

There are certain types of projects, or project budgetary items, that we do not support, such as:

  • hardware or software procurement projects; for example, a project to equip a school with PCs, buy software licences, or install wi-fi for a community
  • website improvements where no new functional or service delivery innovations are created
  • website development unless the project and organisation delivers against  our current investment programme and meets our funding criteria
  • core organisational running costs per se

If you simply want want to add digital to existing services in order to make them more efficient or cost-effective, we are not the funder for you. 

For more information on what we will invest in, please refer to our FAQs