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A Better Web

As innovation brings a bounty of new ways to work, shop and socialise, so it also breeds conflict. As old norms, institutions and occupations are challenged, those whose lives are thrown into turmoil question the case for change on grounds of quality, fairness and morality. As digital technologies have upended traditional business models in music recording, retailing, journalism and publishing so the explosion of new ways to entertain and inform ourselves has been met with a chorus of criticism about declining quality.

In this paper, Charles Leadbeater, Nominet Trust Chair and independent and strategic adviser on innovation, explores how we can reclaim a sense of control over technologies and respond to our unease around the internet. He also discusses how a better understanding of the ways in which technologies are developed can lead to new innovations that dramatically improve public services.

We’d be delighted to hear your response to this provocation paper and your thoughts on how we can make better use of technologies for positive social change.