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Can online innovations enhance social care?

A provocation paper by Shirley Ayres

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The ageing population brings with it a rise in the concentration of assets that people in later life can bring to a community: wisdom, experience, perspective and a wide range of skill sets and capacities.

At Nominet Trust we are looking to understand where digital technology can best amplify these capabilities to strengthen communities and to enable meaningful participation in them by people in later life. Equally though, the ageing population brings a requirement to rethink our approach to social care as more of us require care; support in caring or become active as carers.

In this paper, Shirley explores this theme highlighting a number of exciting new approaches to care, as well as some of the challenges we need to address if we’re to ensure our approach to social care is fit for purpose.

Shirley Ayres is a qualified social worker and marketer who has worked within the care sector for over 35 years. She has extensive experience of helping organisations to understand the value of digital engagement.

As always, we’d be delighted to hear your response to this provocation paper and to work with you to address the recommendations and challenges it sets out.


Provocation Paper

It is an excellent review of the technology context surrounding elderly people. It misses out the advances in machine learning, pattern detection and prediction. We know that people decline in their mental physical capacities at different rates. By continuous monitoring at home new software can identify the changes for each individual, without using predetermined rules.