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How can digital technologies support young people to engage socially and economically with their communities?

That's the question we're hoping to answer as part of a crowdsourced research project we're undertaking. And we need your input!

We not looking to develop a list of examples of where digital technologies have been used to support young people's employment, enterprise or social action. Instead, we want to identify some of the core principles that really explain the how of using technology to support this group of individuals.

The race is on to re-engage young people in building an inclusive, healthier, more equal and economically viable society.

But changing times need fresh thinking and new solutions.  It is essential that we find new, more effective approaches to addressing persistent social and economic challenges.  

Digital technology offers all of us the opportunity to engage young people in new, more meaningful and relevant ways and support their participation in building a more resilient society. 

We recognise that there is no single solution; many different strategies are needed to support young people.

But what is going to work?

We have asked Social Reporter, David Wilcox and Youth engagement expert, Tim Davies to lead an innovative piece of research into how technologies can help.  And to kick this off we want you to tell us what you think.  If your ideas are backed up, or were sparked off, by particular online content then please do include links that can be followed up and explored further.

We’ve started preparing some ideas already in a Google Document at http://bit.ly/nominetww and we are keen for people to contribute their ideas and help shape the discussion.

Add your thoughts between now and 11th April, or add comments and additions to the ideas already shared. Leave your name/contact details (or drop them to david@socialreporter.com) if you want us to let you know about the next stages of this process.

Following the event, the team will be blogging key messages, and seeking out social media, research and data that illuminates the key ideas developed. The findings will be used to inform Nominet Trust and  help us shape and develop a specific challenge that will identify projects that can equip young people with the confidence, skills and motivation to address the social challenges that they and future generations face.

About this research
This research exercise is being carried out by David Wilcox, Tim Davies and Alex Farrow - pooling their experience of youth policy, social reporting and participation to explore how, rather than heading into the library to carry out a literature review - we can head to the web and collaborate on tracking down and curating the depth of shared learning on youth employment, enterprise and local civic engagement that is already available.