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The personal (computer) is political

To be able to fully participate in our physical and digital communities requires a range of actions and understanding. The value of the technical skills of coding and programming and the creativity of making and designing digital products are well understood, but at the heart of our ambition to support young people’s digital making is understanding how digital technologies are made. This understanding can come about through the process of digital making, or of tinkering with existing digital products, but it is this understanding that is so important.

In this paper, Dr Aleks Krotoski explores the importance of such issues, looking at how an understanding of how digital tools are made can help us recognise how they afford, constrain and mediate our everyday actions.

Dr Aleks Krotoski is an academic and journalist who writes about and studies technology and interactivity. Her book, Untangling the Web: What the internet is doing to you looks at the psychology research behind the claims about the positive and negative forces of the digital age.

As always, we’d be delighted to hear your response to this provocation paper and to work with you to ensure the values of social entrepreneurs are embedded in the digital making process.