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Re-addressing the challenges facing young people

New and emerging technologies for education and employment

Young person accessing technology in a cafe

This insight paper aims to stimulate thinking and raise questions that may inspire new debates, approaches, tools and technologies to better address the multiple challenges, needs and issues facing young people, particularly those who are out of work or not in education or training. 

Increasingly powerful new technologies offer opportunities to help address challenges, create new information sources, networks, communities and social interaction. Thankfully, there are numerous examples of technologies being utilised for social good and to address key social and individual needs from which we may draw inspiration. However, exploiting technology to tackle social issues and empower disadvantaged groups unfortunately still remains significantly underexplored and under-exploited.

The current uncertain socio-economic climate and related social and demographic changes present a context that demands new and innovative thinking that challenges existing assumptions and that is not constrained by our past. This paper aims to stimulate such thought and action, with the ambition of informing future technologysupported developments that meet the needs of young people in addressing the challenges that they face.