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Spring Giving insight reports

We are delighted to be working in partnership with The Big Society Network and NESTA, on the Spring programme, to ensure charities are using the internet to its full potential so that those who want to give to charities can do so in an easy, practical and time-effective way online.

The Spring programme will support the burgeoning community of entrepreneurs and innovators who are exploring new ways to motivate people to give to charities and good causes using networked technologies.

Spring aims to harness the potential of technology to enable people to make smarter choices in giving their time and money. The term “technology-enabled giving” (TEG) refers to the use of technology to enable or inspire the giving of money, time or resources to charities, social enterprises or other socially positive causes or projects.

This series of Insight Reports provides a mix of strategic and operational introductions and guidance on specific technology-enabled giving areas, to encourage greater take-up of opportunities within the charitable sector.

Each Insight Report is built on the findings of our research to date, which itself is a combination of in-depth interviews with a wide range of stakeholders (fundraisers, social innovators, commentators) and Spring's own detailed analysis of hundreds of individual giving platforms. So these reports play back what we’ve heard from many, and give examples where possible.

We hope you find them useful. And we are always keen to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions for further research or how we could work together. Get in touch via email to spring@thebigsociety.co.uk, phone to 020 7845 5895 or comment via the Spring blogs.