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Linking Existing Data - See the Connections

Data – What is it good for?

Last blog I talked about Linked Data in relation to OER – linking the OER together.  One aspect of this was personalisation – being able to see where gaps in a students learning were, and plugging them dynamically though linked OER.

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Measuring Impact by Tracking Open Content in the Wild

How do we track the impact of data and documents once we’ve “let it out” into the wild for anyone to use, reuse, reappropriate, and open up for re-downloading?  That’s the question I’m looking at this week, and that I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of days.
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Wikipedia in Education, and tracking how 'knowledge' is used...
Innovations in Learning – Badges for accreditation

The Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology recently released a fantastic report – “Innovating Pedagogy 2012” (pdf) (Creative Commons licenced too).  The report offers 10 innovations with the potential to change education in the short to medium term.  It starts with a two page executive summary – so if you don’t read anything else, take a look at that!

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The Challenges of Digital Making
Edu-browse – a browser for education?

This fortnight I want to talk about two things – firstly carrying on from my discussion of BETT and LWF; secondly I thought I’d share some of the education blogs which I find inspiration from, and often share great tools.


One of the most depressing statistics from a couple of years ago indicated that a large number of schools had not updated from Internet Explorer 6.  This left their security vulnerable, but it also meant that many resources couldn’t be accessed and – an idea that fills my constant 100+ tab self with horror – they were bereft of many of the updates that modern browsers ushered in, tabbed browsing and in-browser search bars included. more >