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Linking Existing Data - See the Connections

Data – What is it good for?

Last blog I talked about Linked Data in relation to OER – linking the OER together.  One aspect of this was personalisation – being able to see where gaps in a students learning were, and plugging them dynamically though linked OER.

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Measuring Impact by Tracking Open Content in the Wild

How do we track the impact of data and documents once we’ve “let it out” into the wild for anyone to use, reuse, reappropriate, and open up for re-downloading?  That’s the question I’m looking at this week, and that I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of days.
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Wikipedia in Education, and tracking how 'knowledge' is used...
Social Learning Analytics - Making sense of people making sense together

Thinking about information, together

Last time I talked about why the ways individuals think about knowledge, might impact on their behaviour, and how we could support more advanced behaviours.  Of course, this also depends on how we - collectively - think about knowledge and act on this, through our policy and the ways we structure websites, etc. For example, how education/assessment policy might encourage particular ways of thinking about knowledge.

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The feedback loop that keeps on (Globally) giving