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Technology in Education – it’s the use that matters

It’s been a year since I started blogging here at Nominet Trust, exploring the research around new technologies particularly in education.   There probably hasn’t been a more exciting time in the Nominet Trust year for me as they’ve just announced a new fund with the Education Endowment Foundation – it’ll be great to see what’s funded and what outcomes they achieve.  I’m going to use this final blog of the year I’ll sum up what I’ve covered so far and how it’s all related.

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Measurement - a force for good?
Knowledge Mapping for the third sector

Mapping what we search for

In my last post, I said I’d talk a bit more about knowledge mapping.  I’m particularly interested in this area because while information retrieval through search engines is rather well supported for individuals engaging in fairly short factual retrieval, longer and collaborative tasks have relatively less tools for their facilitation.  So this is an interesting area from an information management perspective in general.  

Mapping for the 3rd sector

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Digital makers - moving ‘technology’ to ‘value’
From Problems to Conclusions - How do we Share Understanding of Research

Making sense of our evidence

In her recent Nominet Trust blog Annika talked about the ways Nominet Trust is trying to make sense of the information they have on how technology might be used to open up new opportunities. Creating stories, spotting themes, and mapping ideas have been key to this work. more >

Is age really the issue in later life?