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CitSocSci - mass participation in addressing big social problems

Last week was the Citizen Cyber Summit #ccs in London a fascinating gathering of people interested in, design and running citizen science activities. From the open session it reinforced how exciting our own exploration of citizen science is, and more importantly, the potential for finding new ways of addressing some persistent social challenges. That may sound overly optimistic, perhaps even a little naive, but as James Borrell highlighted in his opening speech, these are important characteristics of starting out a citizen science based enquiry.

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NT100: The Making Of
It looks like you’re trying to vote, let me help you with that...

Whilst the paperclip is unlikely to directly help you choose your candidate, there are other ways that digital technologies already influence your actions.

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Digital Making Journeys

Our efforts to support more people to become digital makers focusses on an interest in their understanding how digital technologies work. But even with all the great resources available to support young digital makers, what is it that sparks an interest in digital making, and where do you go after that point?  

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Extending Digital Making
Maker Bridge Webinar series: final report

This post has been written by Julian Sefton-Green as a review of the Make Bridge seminar series which aimed to share digital making practices between UK and US organisations.  The post evaluates the nature of the process (delivery, feedback and technical issues); the quality and nature of the content and key themes emerging from the discussions; and further thoughts for future kinds of professional development and support.

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