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Developing your venture

Developing a social tech venture needs more than money. Business development, impact assessment, strategy and partnerships all play key roles in taking a venture from MVP to scale.

At Nominet Trust we’ve worked with hundreds of social technology ventures to create a unique approach to support the development. This section sets out our approach.

This includes the ‘Triple Helix’ model which defines the three strands of value that are important to a social tech venture.

We also include guidance on measuring your work. This includes ‘lean measurement’, a guide to measuring the outcomes of your work and how to apply the triple helix in measurement.

We strongly recommended all our funded partners engage with these approaches; they form a key part of how we’ve seen success at Nominet Trust.

In this section you’ll find:

The Triple Helix of Social Tech Innovation – a paper describing how to articulate, test and develop three types of value at the heart of any successful social tech venture.

Practical Uses of the Triple Helix – a brief overview of how we practically use the Triple Helix model to test, refine and achieve those three types of value.

Lean Social Metrics - this paper explores the meaningful metrics that social tech ventures can use to evaluate the social impact of their work.

Measuring the Growth of Your Social Tech Business - a paper outlining Nominet Trust’s ‘triple helix’ approach to the development of social tech ventures and gives guidance on how to practically measure the growth of your business using the model.

Evidence based evaluation tools - an evaluation tool-kit to help social tech ventures monitor and evaluate their work.