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Mapping learner progression in digital creativity

Our latest State of the Art Review, written by Julian Sefton-Green and Lucy Brown, seeks to understand how young people learn and develop as digital makers with a particular view on employability. Understanding this progression is vital if we are to effectively support young people to develop as digital makers. more >

The Triple Helix of Social Tech Innovation

This paper sets out to describe the Triple Helix against our own model of change, articulating what we expect to see from social tech ventures at different stages of development. more >

Big Data and social organisations

Commercial companies are already making the transformation to being data-led organisations – using insights and understandings from their data to transform their business. This State of the Art review, explores Big Data and the opportunities it can provide to improve social organisations and their services. more >

Digital technology in later life

We all face many transitions throughout our lifetimes, from leaving school to moving into retirement. Digital technology can help address these issues. It allows people to stay connected with family and friends and interact with areas of interest online, this promotes a sense of well-being and inclusion. more >