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NT Canvas

Drawing from our experiences as a social tech funder, we’ve developed an approach and a set of resources to help early-stage ventures to grow, both effectively and sustainably.

The NT Canvas, adapted from the proven Lean Canvas model, has been developed to help new social tech enterprises specifically, start thinking about, and testing, their core business model right from the very beginning.

In order to effect social change, the NT Canvas highlights the need to have not only a strong social purpose, but also a sound business model. It’s important to identify what your business model is and to test whether the assumptions on which it is based are accurate, from the outset of your social venture.

Download our PowerPoint NT Canvas Template (on the right) to start creating and testing your social business model.

To understand how this model can be put into practice, download the NT Canvas Paper (to the right).

To help guide you through completing your NT Canvas, watch our 'How To' video below.

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