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26th May 2015
Innovative digital health and wellbeing company, Musemantik, are releasing Soulight, a mobile app delivering personalised interventions to help people track and reflect on their mood, encourage awareness and mindfulness, boost wellbeing and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.  more >
21st April 2015
Disability Rocks, the UK’s leading live music and arts festivals created for people of all ages living with a range of disabilities, is kicking off The Big Tour on Saturday 25th April 2015.  more >
10th March 2015
Innovative energy startup, Open Utility, has teamed up with 100% renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy, to trial a pioneering new service that will enable commercial consumers and renewable generators to trade electricity. The aim of the online marketplace, named Piclo, is to provide an ‘eBay for energy’ that could offer more transparency and control than ever before.  more >
21st January 2015
On Wednesday 21 January social enterprise EduKit will be unveiling its new education service to support time-poor teachers at the BETT; the world's leading learning technology event.  more >
21st January 2015
A unique set of resources designed to help teachers get to grips with 3D printing technology has been launched today at the BETT 2015 education show by I Can Make, an independent educational publisher based in the UK.  more >
16th January 2015
HomeTouch (www.myhometouch.com), an online marketplace for elderly home care, went live in the Greater London area this week. HomeTouch’s platform, which allows care seekers to perform localised searches of carers, hits the market as the NHS bedblocking crisis dominated national news in recent weeks.  more >
15th December 2014
Guide a captain and his boat on an epic journey home. Award-winning design agency release mobile game to help reduce panic and anxiety  more >
10th December 2014
The Open University is supporting young people around the world to develop their skills as research scientists as it unveils a new open crowd-sourced science platform today. Developed in collaboration with Sheffield UTC and supported by social investor Nominet Trust, the nQuire-it platform includes the Sense-it app, the first open application to unlock the full range of sensors on mobile devices, so that people of any age can do science projects on their phones and tablets.  more >
19th November 2014
On World Toilet Day, Wednesday 19 November 2014, the Great British Public Toilet Map will be launched. The easy to navigate website will enable people to find the nearest public toilet to them, no matter where they are in the UK.  more >
3rd November 2014
Open Utility, a startup company founded in 2013 whose mission is to create the first renewable electricity marketplace, has secured half a million pounds of funding from the UK Government, the EU and Nominet Trust to deliver its vision. The new service will enable electricity consumers and generators to trade over the internet.  more >
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