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22nd May 2013
Following the government’s drive to support active and inclusive communities within social care provision in the UK, Tyze Personal Networks, a secure online tool which promotes and provides a networked, rather than an individual model of care has launched in the UK.  more >
25th April 2013
More young people can now get involved in ‘digital making’ across the UK, with seven projects receiving a share of a £260,000 fund run by Nesta and Nominet Trust, in partnership with Mozilla, to encourage and stimulate learning through making.  more >
8th April 2013
Gransnet Local, launching today, is a network of local sites that will provide grandparents with a place to share local information and events, discuss local issues and offer opportunities to meet.  more >
8th March 2013
Entries to the Nominet Internet Awards close 4th April 2013. The Nominet Internet awards aim to recognise inspirational websites and online projects which are really making a difference.  more >
6th March 2013
Applications are now open for a new programme from Bethnal Green Ventures enabling people across the UK to use ‘tech for good’ in their local community to tackle social challenges.  more >
4th February 2013
The Innovation Labs Project, a partnership between Comic Relief, Nominet Trust, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation, is delighted to announce the award of around £375,000 of grants to seven organisations to develop digital products to support young people’s mental health.  more >
30th January 2013
A new digital initiative in Sussex aims to work with young people to ease their sense of isolation, leading to benefits for the community as a whole.  more >
25th January 2013
Nominet Trust is funding ivo.org - the social network for change - to pilot a project to give young people an effective, online tool to show employers the amazing skills and experience they have gained through giving their time for free to community causes.  more >
29th November 2012
“Nudge or Compel?: Can behavioural economics tackle the digital exclusion of older people?”, supported by social investor Nominet Trust, explores how we can use behavioural economics to tackle the digital exclusion of older people.  more >
28th November 2012
Dr Emma Bond, Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies at University Campus Suffolk (UCS) has today published the report: Virtually Anorexic – Where’s the harm? A research study on the risks of pro-anorexia websites.  more >
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