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Flowy: panic attack reduction game wins social tech funding

Wired.co.uk - 18 October 2013

By Philippa Warr

A game designed to help deal with panic attacks is one of the first ten winners of the £1million Social Tech, Social Change fund.

The fund was set up to develop ideas which use technology to tackle social problems and challenges in the UK and further afield. The winners each get £50,000 as well as mentorship from established tech entrepreneurs to develop their concepts into scalable social tech ventures capable of turning a profit.

Playlab London's Flowy was one of the winners and has been designed to help prevent panic attacks. According to the game's website, "Flowy works by creating a playful game interface to Breathing Retraining Exercises."

While details on how the game works are scarce it seems reasonable to assume that a microphone would be used to detect the player's breathing and that particular patterns of breath would be used to control or manipulate action on screen. The overall goal would be to reward or incentivise breathing exercises associated with reducing or preventing panic attacks.

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