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How technology-driven teamwork can fuel social change

Public managers should embrace technology as a tool to drive change and collaboration

The Guardian Society, Public Leaders

The economist Joseph Schumpeter long ago argued that crises were seedbeds of innovation and entrepreneurship. In today's economic crisis, we certainly need all the innovation we can get, particularly in addressing big social challenges, such as rising youth unemployment and the care needs of an ageing population.

As a social investor that invests in and supports organisations that are using digital technology for social good, it is inspiring to see just how many social enterprises are using technology as a tool for innovation. We're seeing an ever-increasing tide of inspiring individuals who recognise the potential of technology to support new forms of collaboration, untap and reorganise resources across communities and create new opportunities for social participation. It is also interesting to see that the most effective examples of positive social change result from collaboration across the public, private and third sectors.

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