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Nominet Trust to fund five innovative new projects in latest funding round

Social investor, Nominet Trust, has today announced that they have approved funding for five new projects in their latest funding round.

All of the projects demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups through the innovative use of digital technologies.

The largest single investment in this round has been awarded to Slivers of Time. They have had £250,000 funding approved to extend the reach of their online platform that gives people the opportunity to make their spare hours count and build up valuable work experience. 

At a time when the supply of jobs and labour is a crucial challenge, people of all ages will be able trade their spare hours for work experience on an immediate, short-term or volunteering basis.  For the one million young people unemployed, it provides a real opportunity for them to get out of the no-experience, no-job-interview cycle and build up a vitally important portfolio of evidence.

 Annika Small, Nominet Trust CEO, commented: “At a time of high youth unemployment, we urgently need to think differently about work and careers. Rather than solely seeking to get young people into existing jobs, we need to explore ways in which we can create new forms of employment and reward. We are delighted to support projects such as Slivers of Time and FLIP Jobs that use digital technology in imaginative ways to broaden young people’s horizons and create new opportunities for social and economic participation.”  

In total over £500,000 funding has been approved for the following organisations:

  • The Oxford Internet Institute to support to the development of the 2013 Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS).
  • The RSA to develop the Social Mirror, a new app which aims to stimulate new social connections that inspire improvements in emotional health and wellbeing among disadvantaged and isolated people.
  • Kind of Digital to build OurHousing, a new web platform that will encourage dialogue between social housing tenants and their landlords to improve services and enhance community spirit.
  • FLIP Jobs to further develop their online tool that enables young people to make positive career choices by identifying and communicating their key strengths through feedback from their social networks.
  • Slivers of Time to expand their web platform to create an ‘online market’ for spare hours that enables people to build up a track record of reliable micro-volunteering or micro-work to boost their employability.

In June, Nominet Trust launched their £2million Digital Edge investment programme to fund ideas that use digital technology to improve the opportunities for young people.   In addition to this, the Trust also looks to invest in ideas that demonstrate how technology can support older people in their communities as well as innovative new approaches to tackle wider social challenges.

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Notes to editors

  • The five projects have been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is granted subject to successfully completing the Trust’s project initiation process.
  • The deadline for the next funding round is 31st January 2013.
  • Nominet Trust advises that people submit their first stage applications, online at www.nominettrust.org, by 12th December.
  • In addition to funding, Nominet Trust provides projects with a range of ongoing business planning and communications support.  This ‘Funder +’ approach is part of the Trust’s commitment to ensuring that each project realises its full potential and can make a significant difference to the greatest number of people.