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Only a quarter of hotels claiming to have disabled access pass the Limitless Travel true accessibility test

Limitless Travel, a revolutionary social enterprise, tailor-making holidays for the disabled traveller, reveals latest stats on disabled access in UK hotels as its concierge service goes nationwide

As Limitless Travel prepare for the launch of their holiday concierge service, the ground breaking travel agency uncovers some disquieting truths about the “disabled friendly” UK travel industry.

Tuesday 15 November 2016: For the last six months Limitless Travel has carried out extensive research of over 2,000 hotels and booking websites in the UK, all claiming to be “disabled friendly”. The innovative, bespoke travel company providing the ultimate in travel experience for the disabled traveller, developed a basic set of criteria, establishing exactly what “disabled friendly” in hotels means and what services would be available. At the very least, this would include facilities within the establishment to enable mobility-impaired guests to have a seamless experience by use of ramps and lifts. Furthermore, the criteria includes whether or not hotels provide facilities and staff training for guests with learning difficulties as well as sight and hearing impairments. Of the 2,000 hotels researched, only a quarter, met this basic benchmark set by Limitless Travel.

“The majority of businesses fail to understand the broad spectrum of the term ‘disability’”, says Angus Drummond, CEO and founder of Limitless Travel. “These businesses are missing out on £18 million per month as over 75% of disabled people avoid an establishment due to poor service and lack of training and / or facilities for disabled people.”

“When you go on holiday, what would you do if you couldn’t climb the stairs or get in the shower? What would you do if you couldn’t read the menu? These are just some of the issues facing those with disabilities when travelling that Limitless Travel is working to solve.” continues Drummond. “For many hotels, accessibility is just about getting people through the door, for us it is much, much more than that. We work with businesses to increase their understanding and make their premises more disabled-friendly. If they pass our test we add them to our destinations and begin to send holiday goers there, as we know their needs will be met”.

Limitless Travel first launched in London back in 2015, and then in Birmingham earlier in 2016, and today, with support from the UK’s leading tech for good funder, Nominet Trust, it has gone nationwide with its bespoke concierge service providing holidays for anybody and everybody. Offering everything from booking accessible accommodation and package holidays to organising specialist group tours, the service enables users with disabilities, mobility issues, the elderly, friends, families and their carers to visit destinations across the UK and Europe suitable to their needs.

Vicki Hearn, Director of Nominet Trust, said: “Limitless Travel offer an empowering and reliable online platform which instantly connects customers living with disabilities to the £3bn accessible travel industry. Nominet Trust is delighted to fund a project which will open up the world to customers who need to search and compare suitable hotels that meet their individual needs when they’re booking travel.”