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Open data can benefit voluntary sector

Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

A blog post by Ed Anderton 24th April 2012

The Nominet Trust team is spending a fair amount of time thinking, investigating and experimenting with open data. The trust's aim is to seek and support new uses of digital technology for social good. We recently co-hosted a conference on charities and open data with the Big Lottery Fund and NCVO, which indicated a growing interest from the voluntary sector. The opening of public sector data over the past few years is one obvious stimulus for this, particularly since many charities are data suppliers due to their work delivering a public service contracts.

For many in the voluntary and charitable sector, the starting point for these conversations is the desire to be more effective in addressing social challenges. Whether this is the remarkable intrinsic motivation of wanting to support the communities more effectively, or the extrinsic motivation of doing more with less, the starting point isn't technology, but making the most of the resources we have. Data is one resource that is becoming available in abundance.

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