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Other considerations


This extends beyond the funding the project might receive from Nominet Trust, which should be seen as a social investment. We do not support proposals that create ongoing demand for grant funding.  Early stage innovations should have credible assumptions for how they will become sustainable and leave a lasting foundation after the period of Nominet Trust’s investment. We will give preference to proposals that can demonstrate match funding, whether expressed through time or money. You should describe the lasting foundation or footprint (tangible or otherwise) that your project will leave behind as evidence of what you have achieved during the period of our investment.

Potential for impact at scale

Do you have the ambition to engage people in the hundreds of thousands over time? If your product or service has the potential to scale beyond its current stage of development to deliver significant social outcomes and public benefit, share with us why you have confidence that you can achieve this ambition.

Goal clarity

You will need to have clear objectives about what you seek to achieve with our funding and a clear road map from the start outlining how these will be delivered. At Stage 2 of our application process, we expect to see a project plan that demonstrates clarity of thought on implementation and the major deliverables at each key milestone.


Partnerships are a key part of any venture and having some in place upfront is a boon to an application. They could take a number of forms, including potential routes to market, funding partners, technical advisors or domain experts to support your work. The reality is that you cannot successfully change the world alone; without partners it’s next to impossible to create social impact on any scale. So, if you have partners or prospective channels to market in place, be sure to tell us about them in your application.