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Clubbing together

How a web-based toolkit will help local communities to set up and run appropriate extra-curricular club activities for young people

Positive impact
Youth clubs are generally seen as providing stability for young people and having a positive impact on their lives outside school. But local authorities don’t always provide the facilities needed to fulfil this requirement.

runaclub.com is a new initiative that aims to make it easier for individuals in a community to set up and run a club in any local area – and to ensure that activities are appropriately tailored to the local demographic, so that the needs of today’s young people are met.

Safe, fun and supportive
runaclub.com was created in response to increasing pressure from both National Youth Agencies and Government to provide facilities that enable and encourage young people to participate in extra-curricular activities in a safe, fun and neutral place.  

Supported by Nominet Trust, this fully interactive and accessible web-based toolkit offers a step-by-step guide to provide any community wanting to run a club or event with the relevant information and support that it needs.