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Digital Farm: putting power back in farmers’ hands

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Information is power – and the remote smallholders that produce over 70% of the world’s food in places like Uganda and Tanzania have very little of it. They live in poverty in part because they don’t have access to data, like the size of their harvest, or price of produce, that would allow them to meet future challenges such as a changing climate.

Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation’s Digital Farm is a project that puts power back into these farmers’ hands by giving communities accessible tools for collecting and analysing their own data.

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Sharing information, building resilience

Inspired by ‘The Internet of Things’ the team behind Digital Farm has seen the potential for low cost data-sharing sensors to be incorporated into everyday farming tools. For example, a set of scales can transmit information on the weight of a certain crop to farmers by SMS so that they can estimate how big their harvest will be. This empowers the community to make informed decisions about the future.

Nominet Trust are funding Digital Farm’s next development phase which could give over 280,000 farmers across East Africa access to this life-changing technology, and the information they need to thrive for the future.