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Games for Life: helping offenders focus on a brighter future

An estimated 35,500 young offenders in the UK prison or probation system suffer from some form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This can seriously affect their future opportunities: research shows that offenders with attention disorders are 60-70% more likely to re-offend and less likely to find work than their peers.

Games for Life has developed a clever technology-driven solution to help break this cycle of prison and unemployment with attention training software which helps offenders develop their focus, hone concentration, and build positive behaviour.

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Focusing on results

Games for Life is played with a specially-designed helmet or armband which monitors brain-waves – effectively making the mind into a living joystick. Challenges such as building a virtual library, or controlling a deep-sea diver, reward focus and attention.

During tests at HMP The Mount, two one-hour sessions each week for 26 weeks made a 25% improvement to concentration (increasing memory and boosting learning ability and organisational skills), behaviour (decreasing violence and impulsivity) and attitude.

Nominet Trust are funding the project to make sure the software is properly accredited and continues to get the input from offenders that has helped shape its success so far as a powerful tool to reduce reoffending rates.