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GiveVision: providing a new vision for blind and partially-sighted people

GiveVision logo
Too many of the more than 2m people living with sight loss in the UK are excluded from society. Research shows that two-thirds are out of work, and the vast majority have to rely on carers to help them in their everyday lives.

That’s where GiveVision is designed to help. Its advanced but easy-to-use software for smart glasses and virtual reality goggles acts as ‘eyes’ for people with visual impairments.

Independence in action

The software can give back partially-sighted people’s independence by seeing better so they can fulfil everyday tasks. By wearing smart glasses or virtual reality goggles powered by their tech solution, people can read, watch TV and better recognise faces and surroundings (see at a distance).
Through extensive user testing, and partnerships with charities across the UK, the software has already been proven to augment considerably their vision and to boost confidence. They aim to open a broad range of opportunities for users’ personal and professional lives.

Now, with funding from Nominet Trust they can develop the concept to support more partially-sighted people towards an independent and active life beyond assistance.