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Home and work placements

Room for Tea is a new kind of home-sharing initiative setting out to benefit both young interns and socially isolated older people.

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Enabling new opportunities
With few jobs available for young people in the current economic climate, internships and other low-paid work placements have become a vital way to boost employment prospects. But these opportunities are only available to young people who already live close to that work, because the lack of income doesn’t support expensive rent or travel costs.

Now a new kind of home-sharing initiative in London is hoping to benefit young jobseekers, at the same time as helping to reduce the social isolation often felt by older people living on their own.

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Affordable accommodation
Room for Tea connects guests in need of short-term, affordable accommodation in London with hosts who have a spare room in their homes. With support from Nominet Trust, it is developing its online platform and expanding its community of hosts in order to reach a wider number of potential young beneficiaries.

The service targets hosts of any age, with a focus on older adults living alone, who might benefit from the opportunity of sharing their home with someone, on a flexible basis to suit their needs.

Guests are able to access an affordable place to stay, and may also benefit from the support, guidance and shared experiences of their hosts.