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The Internet in Britain

Supporting the Oxford Internet Institute to remain the authority on internet access, use and attitudes – and the difference this makes for everyday life in Britain.

Understanding internet use
The Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS) are core to the research of the Oxford Internet Institute.  In 2013 continued funding from Nominet Trust, will enable OxIS to offer scientific researchers and digital policy-makers access to a detailed source of information about the development of the internet in Britain.

Exploring the issue
OxIS creates a dataset which is a random sample of the British population. It can provide detailed analyses of uses of the internet by age, gender, education, occupation and other variables. The survey measures many kinds of use including use of social network sites, entertainment, information-seeking, file downloading, seeking government information, and political uses. The results of these analyses are generalizable to the British population.  

About OxIS
The Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS) are core to the research of the Oxford Institute (OII), a leading world research centre for the multidisciplinary study of the internet and society.  A department within the Social Sciences Division of the University of Oxford, the OII focuses its research and teaching on the social shaping and implications of the internet, and on informing related policy and practice.

OII has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.