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The JAM Platform: making services accessible to everyone

The JAM Platform logo
NOW Group’s JAM smartphone app gives people who have additional needs or learning disabilities a discreet way to signal that they need extra time to access services. When they pay at a shop, or get on a bus, they can flash the app to show they have specific needs.

Clients already love the app, which began life as a plastic card. Now, they’re ready to progress, by developing a digital platform which will show businesses the value of making their services accessible and staff disability-aware.

Access for everyone

At its heart is a UK-wide TripAdvisor-style platform which allows users to give shops, restaurants and services a ‘disability rating’ through the JAM app. Users can share the places that offer excellent customer service to people with learning disabilities and highlight the issues that they face every day.

NOW Group will also launch its own training and awareness programme, to help businesses achieve higher ratings.  Retailers and service providers are already getting behind the scheme, including Northern Ireland’s public transport company Translink. By taking the idea further the NOW Group plan to create an invaluable interactive resource that makes services more accessible.